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Hop hop hop...ribit, ribit...gnomes have arrived for the summer.

By erin the great, Jun 21 2016 09:00AM

Summer gnomes are always a lot of fun. They don't seem to mind the heat, but certainly enjoy cooling off in in the creak down the street, where they spend most of their time. This gang of gnomes have custom made frog costumes and they absolutely look adorable in them.

Yesterday, the gnomes had a brush with danger. A real frog took offense to the gnomes playing "leap frog" and wearing frog costumes. The frog thought they were making fun of his culture and heritage. He became agitated and aggressive. Fortunately, Ned was fluent in frog and was able to calm the real frog down, who we now know as Dennis Hopper, or Dennie. We had Dennie over for our annual Summer Ice Cream social and he was a real hit with everyone, including Karate (our cat, who barely tolerates my gnome hostel).

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new guests and hope they enjoy the rest of their summer here!

Summer gnome figurines are limited edition. Only 10 available. They are less then 2 inches tall and wear green frog hooded costumes. Gnomes are magical creatures and a joy to be around.

To purchase my frog gnomes, visit my erin the great Etsy shop here

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